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Soda Steak

One way to remedy a tough cut of steak or one that is past its prime is to marinade it in soda. The carbon and acids in soda help break down the tough tissues of the meat and help make it tender, moist and juicy. The sweet and tangy flavor of the soda also enhances the taste of the meat and turns it into an extraordinary dish. Soda steak makes a fun and exciting dish for summer dinner parties, background barbecues, and family picnics and lunch get-together. If you and your kids love soda, chances are you will adore soda-marinated steaks.

You can use either cola or citrus soda to make the marinade. The cola will give the meat a darker color, while the citrus soda will give it a tangy brightness. You can use only soda to marinade the meat but you can also add other spices and ingredients to make the final marinade for sumptuous. Some of the best ingredients that go well with soda for marinades include Worcestershire sauce, steak sauce, ketchup, teriyaki sauce, soy sauce, barbecue sauce, ginger, garlic, lemon, lime, chili powder, onions, and mustard. You don’t have to use all the ingredients. It is best to stick with three of four ingredients that combine well and balance out perfectly in terms of saltiness, spiciness, sourness, sweetness, and tanginess. One delicious combination for steak marinade is Coca-cola or Pepsi with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, brown sugar, onions, garlic, and pepper.

Soak the steaks overnight in the refrigerator covered with a plastic wrap for best results. Once the marinade has been used, never reuse it again to prevent food poisoning. You can use a zip top gallon bag to marinade the steaks in so that all the flavors are sealed and really penetrate into the meat. It is also a convenient tool for mixing the ingredients; you can simply shake them all together once the bag is sealed.